Rant/Rave: Z Palettes

Recently, I finally caved and purchased some Z Palettes. At first, I thought, with my tiny bathroom under-the-sink storage, it might help if I could group all of my eyeshadows together, that way, I could see pretty much everything I had, and get rid of bulky packaging that clutters my countertop and drawer space.

After mastering de-potting, I decided that at first, I could try using empty CD cases and gluing down my eyeshadows. Although it wasn't a bad idea, and a cheap one at that, they didn't hold much, and it just looked kind of messy, and like they wouldn't hold up over time. Plus, the CD cases, when closed, had a tiny opening, and I'd already scratched some shadows that would never be covered that way.

After getting some belated birthday money, I went online in search of a sturdier option. Z Palette had always been on my wishlist, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend that much on eyeshadow holders. But, when comparing prices, I'd spend almost that much on one eyeshadow or blush, so, why not give it a try.

Basically, Z Palettes are just open magnetic palettes with a clear plastic window, so that, when shut, you can still see your colors through it. It helps you organize pans of several different sizes, shapes, what have you.

When I got my package I was immediately thrilled. I had ordered 2 large and 1 small, and the box was HEAVY! I thought it already felt like a good investment. I ripped it open and was excited at how clean and organized these would look with all my shadows neatly tucked inside.



I bought two large ones for my under-the-sink storage, and the small for on the go. I figured I could use it to house my shadows and even blush I used that day, and take it with me for mid-day touch ups.

As you can see, quite a lot can fit in these little palettes. Only downside is I'd probably need a couple more. The OCD in me wishes I could have all neutrals, blues, and pinks with their own palette, but I digress.

On the topic of downsides, initially, I thought, AMAZING! Now I have a place for EVERYTHING in pan form, but after depotting several things, I came to realize that not everything fits. Certain pan depths are too tall, and the lid won't snap together right. Also, after applying magnets to the pans, some become almost wobbly, although, if they're surrounded by other mates, they hold up quite well. Also, you have the freedom to play with the way you put in your shadows, but, you almost have to be an amazing Tetris player to get these all to fit in just right.

Perhaps the biggest headache I've encountered so far, is that, when I took my small palette on the go, I reached into my bag, and noticed that one shadow was broken (you can probably see in the picture). Now, this could be due to my depotting, or that it's kind of old, or maybe I was too rough with my bag that day, but, I probably wouldn't take this on the go with me for everyday. However, if you packed these well, it'd be amazing how much you could actually take with you on a trip.

Overall, I'd still give these an A+ for what you get. Slim and organized cosmetics with tons of options for storage. Not to mention, they're just plain handy for doing your makeup and not too bad to look at!

Small: $14
Large: $20
Pro: $28