Depotting Benefit Boxed Powders!

As a beauty junkie, I must admit, cute packaging does matter. It draws your eye to a product, and can make even the most cluttered bag more organized. But, every beauty junkie also knows, it means more space in your stash is taken up and there's far less space to grow! ;)

My Benefit powders were definately not lacking in the packaging department. I love how each powder had its own personality, if you will, and they all included a small mirror on the flip top lid, and a small brush, but all that packaging really takes up some space!

I had recently gotten a new Zpalette, and went on a space-saving spree! I wanted to depot anything that I could, and couldn't find a way to depot these! After my first successful Benefit depot, I thought it'd be nice to share with the class!

What you'll need: Scissors, A nice, firm grip, and of course, Patience!

First, you'll want to cut the mirrored side off. You can use scissors if you'd like, or you can just rip it off by it's 'hinge'. The cardboard is pretty easy to tear here, since it's not super thick.

Second, squeeze two corners on the side of the box together. You'll create a small space between the side of the box and the pan. Using your fingers, grip the side of the box and pull until it rips, being careful of course!

Note: On my Bella Bamba blush, the packaging was thicker because of it's slick design, so I ripped one corner apart, and continued to pull until the sides came apart from their base.

Either way, you'll want to repeat this process until you have complete access to the blush/powder pan.

Using your fingers again, begin to push down on the sides of the packaging, exposing the bottom cardboard glued to the pan. Once you have a little space separated, you can begin to pull the entire pan off the bottom, being careful not to squeeze the pan, which could cause the powder to crack.

Repeat the same process with the cardboard that is glued to the bottom of the pan. This may be a little more difficult since the glue is quite strong. Peel off any excess cardboard paper that is still stuck to the bottom of the pan.

If you wish to save the label, you can peel it off the bottom of the packaging, cut it to size, and sticker over the exposed pan. I chose to cut close enough to where I could read the name of the powder and it's ingredients.

Ta da! Now the powder is depotted! Not bad, eh?

Luckily, these powders are quite magnetized, and since the bottom of my Zpalette is a magnet, they snapped right in. If you don't have a magnetic palette, you can attach a magnet with an adhesive back (found at most craft stores, or free with purchase of a Zpalette) to make it stick to another magnetic surface.

Now I've got more space! These powders definately take up a lot less room, and I can see exactly what I have in my palettes!

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